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Storing under customs control
Customs agency
Transit operations
Logistics and trade

BeGeIn Single Member Ltd offers store operating as the customs bond is on a world level and is based on the following types of services:

Customs bond

BeGeIn Single Member Ltd holds a permit to open and manage a public storage under customs control of type A in compliance with the provisions of the Customs Act. Company’s clients are able to utilize all advantages of the customs regimes afforded by the current normative regulations.

Temporary storage

BeGeIn Single Member Ltd grants to their clients the possibility to use a Temporary storage with the purpose of optimizing cargo flow and reducing the idle time of the transportation means.

Loading and unloading

BeGeIn Single Member Ltd on the territory of the storehouse offers the performance of a wide range of loading and unloading operations within minimal time terms and warranting the quality of the services.

Warranting the government receivables for the customs regimes

Payable duties, taxes, excise duties and fees for the goods, stored on the territory of the storehouse, are ensured by means of bank guarantees submitted by BeGeIn Single Member Ltd before the relevant customs offices.

Storage of the released goods

Apart from the storage of goods under customs control in the store base of BeGeIn Single Member Ltd there is a possibility for released goods to be deposited fully using the technical security, provided for by the company.


All deposited goods are insured against fire risk, flood risk and other natural disaster risks.

Twenty-four-hour protection

The security of the deposited goods is guaranteed by the built-up security system and fire alarm.

Customs agency

BeGeIn Single Member Ltd offers  professional execution and submission of the required customs documents before the Customs.

Execution and submission of a customs manifest

Representation before the Customs Administration and executing the required customs formalities in the initial presentation of goods before the Customs and their discharge in a temporary warehouse.

Elaboration of documents in Foreign Trade

According to the specific situation you can have all types of documents elaborated – international, transport; bills of lading; commercial; warranty, as well as customs documents.

Presentation before the Customs

In a customs presentation we act as an authorized proxy of our clients on the grounds of representative rights delegated with an explicit power of attorney.

Change of ownership

One of the advantages of using the storehouse of BeGeIn Single Member Ltd  is that the ownership of the goods stored under customs control can be changed in appliance with the current normative regulations.

Inventory accountability

Keeping inventory accounts of the goods under different customs regimes can be elaborated if additionally agreed and aims at duly submitting the necessary information and reference to the customs authorities.

Transit operations

Full financial and technical servicing when goods are stored, transited and re-exported.

Providing for duties, taxes, fees and excise

Using a certificate for general bank guarantee BeGeIn Single Member Ltd  ensures the payable imposts for the goods at performing transit operation on the territory of the country.

Elaboration of all necessary documents

The necessary documents, customs clearance and customs representation are performed by officers with long experience and established professional skills.

Transport organization

On request of its clients BeGeIn Single Member Ltd is capable of providing for the transport necessary for executing transit operations.


Transported transit goods can be ensured against different risks.

Logistics and trade

Logistic services

Being a storehouse operator BeGeIn Single Member Ltd acts as a mediator in its clients’ logistic operations while flexibly managing their goods. The following services are basic: • Storehouse operations • international forwarding • aggregated shipment • international and internal transportation


During the years BeGeIn Single Member Ltd has used the advantages of the built-up storehouse to successfully perform trade operations in Bulgaria and with countries from all over the world. The company is well experienced in alcohol drinks, cigarettes, coffee and cosmetics distribution.


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